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Historical Overview of Your Hit Parade


An interesting article on the history of Your Hit

Parade from its first telecast on July 10, 1950 to April, 1959. 

This Was Your Hit Parade 

Author John R. Williams shares his historical perspective on the start of Your Hit Parade beginning with the first radio show on July 20, 1935 and its transition to the medium of television.  From his book, This Was Your Hit Parade.

I Remember Snooky...and Gisele and Dorothy--and even the 20th variation of "Shrimp Boats Are A Comin".  Bob Foreman reflects on his moments of watching Your Hit Parade for many years.

Case of the Haunted Show.  An interesting article on various personalities of the Your Hit Parade show and tries to draw a conclusion of the show being haunted. 

The Major Reunions.    A listing of the major reunions of Your Hit Parade held over the years.

So Long For Awhile, That's All The Songs, For Awhile.  A one-page article from TV Guide on the major shake-up of the cast for the new season.

Dorothy Collins is Married.  A TV Guide article from 1952 reflecting on how Dorothy and Raymond Scott met and became husband and wife.

Dorothy Collins Steps Out.  A TV Guide article from August 1957 on the dramatic change in Dorothy's career following the "shake-up" with cast and crew.

Articles of Interest

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