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It Happened Last Night

Synndicated column by famous Earl Wilson


TV Dial Magazine releases their list of TV's top five female vocalists.  Read about their ranking and their description of the girl next door.

It Happened Last Night

Syndicated columnist Earl Wilson


Syndicated columnist Earl Wilson shares an article entitled "Little Dorothy" in regards to the firing of the entire cast of "Your Hit Parade" in 1958.

Dorothy Collins: Lioness or Lamb?

Fan magazine article from December, 1958


Dorothy puts aside her "sissy blouse" for a new-styled appearance as she returns to "Your Hit Parade" along with co-star Johnny Desmond.  Included is an update on the career of Dorothy Collins and Raymond Scott.

Our Second Honeymoon

Fan magazine article from around 1958


Raymond Scott plans a second honeymoom with Dorothy as they share about their travels through Rome, France and England.  An enjoyable article along with some personal photographs.


The Miracle of Love

Fan magazine article from 1959


A behind the scenes look at the home-life of Dorothy Collins and Raymond Scott a year after she and the rest of the "Your Hit Parade" crew were fired.  Written by William Waters of TV Picture Life.


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